Where do the Buffalo Bills land in latest Super Bowl odds for the 2024 NFL season?

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

We all know the story by now. The Buffalo Bills advance to the playoffs, win a game or two then lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. That story is getting old but until the Bills find a way to get past the Chiefs in the playoffs, I have a feeling this story is only a prequel to an ongoing mini-series. That said, I believe the Bills will bring the Lombardi home to Buffalo someday soon.

There are already Super Bowl odds coming out for the 2024 NFL season too and the Bills are once again towards the top. The fact is, as long as Josh Allen is the starting quarterback, this team will always have a chance and the proverbial Super Bowl will remain wide open. The number of fans and national media that want to push the narrative that the window is closed is simply baffling to me. This is a good football team, a team that is more than capable of winning a Super Bowl. The big question is health. That is the one thing over the last two seasons that has stopped this team, not the Kansas City Chiefs.

BetSided.com recently put out their Super Bowl odds for next year and of course at the very top are the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Baltimore Ravens third and Buffalo at fourth. Three of the top four are AFC teams, so the Bills will need to find some answers this offseason for a few positions, such as safety and defensive line. It's also likely they revamp the wide receiver room a bit as well.

With several personnel changes across the league coming this offseason, these Super Bowl odds will undoubtedly change. Buffalo has 21 pending free agents of their own and will need to decide who they want to try to return for the 2024 season and who to let walk. Some may walk regardless of the Bills' efforts to retain them, but this offseason will be huge in terms of keeping the Bills in contention.

The 2024 NFL Draft is coming up, and there is no question that every team across the league will be looking to add the next Puka Nacua to their roster. I believe the Bills will add several new receivers from the draft, in both the early and later rounds. I would not be surprised if they add a couple via free agency as well. It will be an interesting offseason, and I can't wait to see what Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills do for the 2024 NFL season.


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