2024 NFL MVP odds revealed, where does Josh Allen stand in the rankings

It's never too early to look ahead to the 2024 season, including the favorites to win the 2024 NFL MVP.

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Many Buffalo Bills fans were disappointed that Josh Allen didn't win the NFL MVP and understandably so. A case could certainly be made for him, as you could for the last few years. Each year there seems to be one or two players, ok well, quarterbacks, who the league voters fall in love with and for whatever reason, it's never Allen. That's ok, what's important is a Super Bowl and that'll come....some day....right?

At any rate, these odds will change as the offseason progresses. Teams will lose free agents, teams will gain some and of course, there is the draft. Not to mention potential trades moving players from team to team. I think the Bills will add a couple of new wide receivers, and wouldn't be shocked if the teams pulls off a trade or two that could change up the roster.

BetSided recently put out their NFL MVP odds for the 2024 season, and shocker Josh Allen isn't number one on the list. Even less shocking is Patrick Mahomes is at the top. But I fully expect Allen to have another 4,000-yard passing season, another 600-plus yards rushing, another ten rushing touchdowns, and likely hit over 40 total touchdowns again, making it five seasons in a row.

Allen's odds are sitting at +780, second behind Mahomes at +620. Rounding out the top five are Joe Burrow (+900), Lamar Jackson (+1160), and CJ Stroud (+1200). As I previously mentioned, these odds and rankings will change over the next few months leading up to the 2024 season. Will Allen finally get that elusive MVP? Maybe but when Lamar Jackson gets 49 of 50 votes, I have to question the validity of the voting process.

It's probably time the league stops calling the award the NFL MVP and refers to what it's become, the NFL's Top QB. Even with only a selected 50 voters, all of whom are former players, analysts, and announcers, maybe if the league turned to current players and coaches to vote on these awards, that might return some of the integrity and validity.


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