5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills entering 2024 free agency

Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips
Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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The Super Bowl is over, the Chiefs are once again the NFL's champions. For me, it's frustrating because I do think the last two seasons could have been very different if not for injuries ravishing the team, specifically the defense. The two years prior to that, well again, the defense. I don't know why it always seems to come down to the defense in the playoffs and I think it's time for some changes.

I know a lot of the fans are all about the offense and want more. Many believe the Bills organization should focus on defense and build the talent around Josh Allen, making them unstoppable against any defense. But look, the Chiefs faced four playoff opponents, including the Super Bowl. Tua Tagovailoa, Lamar Jackson and Brock Purdy managed to score a total of four offensive touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen scored three touchdowns against that same defense by himself.

The Bills offense is good enough to beat the Chiefs, but the defense has struggled to get four man pressure on Mahomes. That said, I think the Bills should look at their wide receiver corps heading into the 2024 season. Nothing against Diggs, but he's not getting any younger and this group could use someone to develop into that number none role sooner than later but we'll discuss that more later.