NFL analyst ranks Bills offensive triplets with Dalton Kincaid as third member

NFL analyst from Sports Illustrated ranked the NFL teams based on their "offensive triplets". Where did he rank the Buffalo Bills, who were considered the Bills triplets, and did he get it right?
Buffalo Bills
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Last season it was easy to determine who the Bills' "triplets" were. There is no question it was Josh Allen, James Cook, and Stefon Diggs. But this year is a little different. Diggs is out, leaving what is considered by many a gapping whole. So, who will fill that hole in 2024? According to Matt Verderame from Sports Illustrated, it's Dalton Kincaid. I think you could make a case for Khalil Shakir, but at this point, it makes sense that it would be Kincaid.

We talked about the Bills defensive trio earlier in the week, but where did the Bills' offensive triplets rank? Verderame ranked them relatively high, given the unproven nature of the group without Diggs and Kincaid only in year two. He listed them as the tenth-best, perfectly placed just ahead of the Dolphins with Tua Tagovailoa, Raheem Mostert, and Tyreek Hill at number 11. Here is what Verderame said about the Bills going into the 2024 season.

"The Bills are reloading, but they still have the bones of a contender. Buffalo still has a top-three quarterback in Allen, who, despite his penchant for turnovers, can make any play on the field. He’s also surrounded by a pair of young talents in Cook and Kincaid, the latter of which caught 73 passes for 673 yards as a rookie last season."

Matt Verderame - Sports Illustrated

I won't go into all the teams ranked ahead of the Bills but let's touch on a few of them. First, the Jets were ranked ahead at number six with Aaron Rodgers, Breece Hall, and Garrett Wilson. If Rodgers can be the quarterback we remember from a few years ago with the Packers, this group is formidable, and I can see why they were ranked here. The other team that Bills fans will be interested in is the Chiefs. Their triplets consisted of Patrick Mahomes, Isaiah Pacheco, and Travis Kelce, and were ranked number two. The last team I wanted to mention is the Bengals, who were ranked number seven with Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, and Zack Moss. This ranking has to be more about Burrow and Chase because Moss isn't even top half of the league as far as running backs go.

The Buffalo Bills still have a loaded roster.

2024 will be an interesting season for the Bills. Many of those in the national media discount the Bills, citing roster turnover as the biggest reason. But a look at the projected starting lineup, and you see there isn't that much changeover. Yes, Diggs is out, as are Gabe Davis, Jordan Poyer, and possibly Micah Hyde. but I'd argue the receiving corps is in better shape than a season ago, and I have full confidence that the safety position, while not as good as it has been, will be just fine, as they get younger and faster in the backend.


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