4 grossly underpaid Buffalo Bills players entering the 2024 season

After looking over the contracts of the Buffalo Bills, I realized the Bills have a handful of players who are grossly underpaid and need a new contract immediately following the 2024 season.
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Every offseason we talk about player contracts, particularly when it comes to free agents and contract extensions. I decided to look over the Bills current contracts and realized a handful of players need new deals; however, the concern is that all four are on rookie deals, and all four will be free agents after the 2025 season. All will be vital pieces to this year's team and beyond, and the longer Brandon Beane waits to get them extended, will only cost the team more money in the long run.

This list includes two offensive and two defensive players. All four could become the best player on the roster at their respective positions, and I would argue some might already. None of them are first-round picks, so there is no fifth-year option the Bills could pick up. The team either needs to get them extended in the next year or so, or risk losing them to free agency. I hope that Beane will get out in front of these deals and not let them get even close to free agency and I'd get at least three of them extended within the next year.

The reasoning is simple. If you allow these guys to showcase their talent over two full seasons, their asking price will only increase. If Beane is proactive about this, he can get them locked up for a few more seasons beyond their rookie deals at a much lower cost. 2024 will be a big season for a lot of players on this roster, including Josh Allen, something we've talked about recently too. This could be a career-defining season for him, but the same could be said of all four of the players I've listed here because all four will play huge roles this year if Buffalo is going to have a successful season, and they will be asked to be leaders as well.

Let's get into the Buffalo Bills four grossly underpaid players.