Can Josh Allen lead the Bills to Super Bowl glory? 2024 AFC East bold predictions

Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Bills fans and NFL fans eagerly await the start of the new 2024 NFL season. But we are in those five weeks after mandatory minicamp and the beginning of training camp, the slow time of the year for the NFL, it's the league's true offseason. It's that time of year when we get into season predictions, crazy trade ideas, and anything else that comes to mind. So, fans are often left to their thoughts and ideas, such as bold predictions. That's where I come in and break down the Bills outlook, and the AFC East, with some wild predictions.

I enjoy doing these types of articles, because it allows me to come up with insane predictions, yet are still somewhat of a possibility. I know some fans will read through this and think I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but one thing is for certain in my mind, the Bills will be good in 2024. The question is, how good? Being a pessimist is one thing I've never been accused of, but overly optimistic, yes. So, take these bold predictions with a grain of salt, don't take them too seriously, and let's have fun with it.

2024 Buffalo Bills bold predictions

Josh Allen will have his fifth consecutive season with 40+ total touchdowns

Look, I said bold, but also possible. Josh Allen has four consecutive seasons with 40-plus touchdowns and is the only quarterback in league history to accomplish this feat. Last season, Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis accounted for 15 of Allen's passing touchdowns, which was more than half his total. Third on the team was James Cook with four touchdown receptions. This season, Khalil Shakir and Dalton Kincaid are expected to be the focal point of the passing offense but contributed only four receiving touchdowns between them. That will change in 2024.

Additionally, with Ray Davis in the backfield, I expect more screens to the backs and he will be the primary beneficiary of that. The difference between this year and last is the passing offense was top-heavy with Diggs and Davis, now there is better depth, and the touchdowns will be spread around a little more. On top of that, don't be surprised if Allen adds another ten or more rushing touchdowns to his career resume this year too. Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady proved last season that he's not afraid to use Allen in the running game more than we saw from Ken Dorsey.

Buffalo Bills will have a top five defense by the end of the regular season

The Bills had 54 sacks in 2023, ranking among the best in the league. That was done with Von Miller contributing exactly zero sacks. Yes, the team leader in sacks, Leonard Floyd, is gone, but expect A.J. Epenesa and Greg Rousseau to take another step. If those two can stay healthy, they can be solid contributors to the team's pass rush, and Rousseau is already one of the best run defenders in the NFL. Speaking of Miller, he'll be more of a threat this year too. He can't be any worse, so he'll add a few sacks to the team's total.

Buffalo also gets Matt Milano back, and with another year for Terrel Bernard, these two could become one of the more dominant linebacker tandems. Speaking of tandems, cornerbacks Rasul Douglas and Christian Benford were ranked among the best last season by PFF. The one question mark is the play of the safeties. Will rookie Cole Bishop earn a starting role, and can Taylor Rapp be the leader the Bills need?

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins will be dominating by the Buffalo Bills

There is so much hype surrounding the New York Jets this offseason, which sounds familiar. We heard this same song and dance last year, only to see them struggle throughout the season without Aaron Rodgers, who was lost for the season four plays in. The Jets are a better team with Rodgers, but at 40, and coming off an Achilles tear, I'm not sold that Rodgers can lead this team to a division title. Besides, what exactly has Coach Saleh done to think he's anything more than just another coach in the Jets' long line of failed coaches?

As for the Dolphins, they went through a lot of roster changes too, but similar to what I said about the the Jets coach, what has Coach McDaniel done to warrant any of the hype he gets? Sure, the offense can be dynamic with all the speed, but against quality defenses, that offense isn't anything special, and Tua is, well he's Tua. Plus, the Dolphins have done nothing as a team, but crumble under the pressure of the Bills late in the season.

Last one, the Buffalo Bills will earn their first Super Bowl appearance since 1993 - 94

This one I know fans will say I'm crazy, and yes, to predict a Super Bowl for any team, even the Chiefs, is crazy. Getting to the Big Game is one of the toughest things to do in any sport. You have one shot to get it done, and if you make a mistake, it's over. It's not like other sports where it's a best-of-whatever series. Football is one and done, period. For the Bills to get there in 2024, a lot will have to go their way, including the passing game coming together with all the new faces. For the first time in years, the defense must remain healthy. That last one is huge, if this team can stay healthy this time around, heading into the playoffs, they will have as good a shot as anyone, to reach the Super Bowl.