Josh Allen makes Prisco's top 100 players, but who is missing from the Buffalo Bills?

There will never be an NFL player ranking that doesn't come with fan discontent and disagreement. And this one is no different.
Buffalo Bills
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I love a good NFL player ranking during the offseason, and no matter who you rank, or where rank the players, someone will argue it. NFL fans are never short on passionate opinions, myself included. This is why I had to discuss writer Pete Prisco's latest article, ranking the NFL's top 100 players. Not only did he rank the top 100 players, he also added another 50 as honorable mentions. But out of 150 players, only two are with the Buffalo Bills. Naturally, Josh Allen made Prisco's top 100, coming in at number six.

"He led the NFL in total yards and touchdowns (44) when combining his passing and rushing touchdowns, yet the perception was he didn't play well. Yes, he turns the ball over too much, but he was a legitimate MVP candidate last year and will be again this season. (Last season: No. 2)"

Pete Prisco - CBS Sports

Among the quarterbacks on Prisco's list, Allen ranked second behind only Patrick Mahomes, who was number one. This is a fair ranking, and I appreciate the fact that Prisco calls out the turnovers, but still confirms Allen is a viable MVP candidate. So many people focus on the turnovers, and ignore all the great things that Allen does. Perhaps this coming season, Allen will take his game up another level, limiting the turnovers and still producing touchdowns at a record-breaking pace, and doing it with a new cast of characters.

As for the honorable mentions, Matt Milano was named one of the 50, which surprises me a little given he didn't play much due to the injury that ended his season just five weeks into the year. What also is surprising, is not seeing tight end Dalton Kincaid anywhere on the list, either in the top 100 or under the honorable mentions. Of course, Detroit Lions tight end Sam LaPorta is there at number 58, I previously compared him to Kincaid and found there to be little difference. For LaPorta to be ranked 58, and Kincaid nowhere listed, is a shame.