Dolphins getting desperate in light of Buffalo Bills division dominance

Coaches and players are often very superstitious people, but this is something on an entirely other level.
Buffalo Bills
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Bills fans are well-versed in Josh Allen's dominance over the Miami Dolphins, a fact the Dolphins themselves are acutely aware of. The Dolphins haven't won a division title in 15 years or a playoff game in 24 years. Coach McDaniel is getting desperate, with his staff now scheduling meetings at times that end in 24. I have news for you Dolphins fans, as long as Josh Allen is around, not much will change for you.

Allen has been dominant against the Dolphins since coming into the NFL. The Bills are 10 - 2 against the Dolphins with Allen under center, and seven of those wins were by double-digits. Per PFF, Allen has 3,367 yards passing, 33 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Not to mention the rushing yards, 584 yards, and six more touchdowns. Allen's career against the Dolphins is one of the most lopsided of any quarterback against another team. When the Dolphins are on the slate, Allen takes his game to not just another level, but multiple levels.

In the last two seasons, the Dolphins put themselves in a position to secure a division title, only to lose it down the stretch. In 2022, they lost five consecutive games from Week 13 to Week 17, and last season, lost the last three games of the season, and each time the Bills sealed the deal and have now won AFC East titles four consecutive years. This year, most of the national media are out on the Buffalo Bills, given the trade of Stefon Diggs, losing Gabe Davis and Jordan Poyer in free agency, and possibly Micah Hyde, if he decides to retire.

Buffalo Bills will continue to rule the AFC East

Also gone via free agency is the Bills' 2023 leading sack artist Leonard Floyd, and their starting center from the last several years Mitch Morse. So, I get why some fans and media are counting the Bills out, but they still return the majority of their offensive line, starting running back, and most of the defense. They've added several new faces to the receiving room, which on paper is better top to bottom than in 2023. And of course the key to the team, Josh Allen is still behind center. But with so many question marks on the Bills roster and unknowns, this is the Dolphins' best chance to get done. If they can't, expect a new head coach in Miami in 2025.