Josh Allen given extra fuel for Stefon Diggs showdown in 2024

Did CJ Stroud just give the Buffalo Bills a little added motivation for their Week Five showdown?
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

On a recent podcast, C.J. Stroud was asked to list his top five quarterbacks in the league. If you haven't heard his top five yet, here it is. At the top, he named Patrick Mahomes. That's not going to shock anyone. At number two he has Lamar Jackson. Okay, I can understand why Jackson would be considered the second-best quarterback in the league, not that lagree with it but it's fine. After the first two, he names himself. Again, that's fine and you should have the confidence in yourself to put yourself in the top five.

After that, it all goes downhill. At number four, he says Dak Prescott, followed by Jalen Hurts at number five. Apparently excluding Joe Burrow and Josh Allen from his top five. His reasoning behind not including Burrow is that he didn't play much last season, but Allen's name doesn't come up. Did he forget, or maybe doesn't know that Allen is the only quarterback in NFL history that has put up over 40 touchdowns in four consecutive seasons? Who knows, but Allen being omitted from any top five listing of quarterbacks is crazy, regardless of what you think about the turnovers. He's one of the most productive and dynamic QBs in the NFL.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills don't need more motivation

As if the Bills needed some extra motivation against Stefon Diggs and the Texans in Week Five, now they have some bulletin board material. They will say they don't pay attention to or that they ignore the outside noise, but these guys are athletes and super competitive. You don't think Allen hasn't already heard this clip? The Bills are going to be ready for this game, and the league missed a great opportunity to showcase this one on prime time.