Without a clear WR1, is Buffalo Bills 2024 success all on Josh Allen's arm?

So much chatter about Josh Allen and the Bills taking a step back in 2024. Can Josh Allen put this team on his back? Will he need to for the Bills to have any success?
Buffalo Bills
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It's been said in the past that the Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen plays too much "hero ball" at times, which leads to mistakes. He's also been referred to as "Sugar High" Josh Allen. But is "Hero Ball" Allen the Josh Allen the Bills need to be successful in 2024? CBSSports.com writer Cody Benjamin classified the Bills as "offensively geared", based on Josh Allen's presence. Here is what he said about Allen the and Bills.

"Dealing Stefon Diggs and losing Gabe Davis may tilt the scales to Sean McDermott's "D," but as long as Josh Allen is the signal-caller here, it's hard not to say most of their hopes rest on him."

Cody Benjamin - CBSSports.com

Here's the thing about this statement. Can't we say the same about all 32 NFL teams? If their starting quarterback goes down, so do their Super Bowl hopes. Sure, there are a couple of examples where this wasn't the case, but those are very few and far between. Do we think the Chiefs are Super Bowl contenders if Patrick Mahomes doesn't play? Ask the San Francisco 49ers what typically happens when you lose your starting quarterback. The season doesn't normally end well, and for the Bills, it would be no different.

Do the Buffalo Bills have the weapons to succeed with Josh Allen in 2024?

Yes, Allen will have to continue to play at an elite level for the Bills to remain division favorites and Super Bowl contenders, but that shouldn't shock anyone. That said, his receiving corps is better than most are giving credit for. I'm not including rookie Keon Coleman in this opinion either, because he's a rookie, we don't know what we will get from him. But the addition of Curtis Samuel, with Khalil Shakir, and Dalton Kincaid is a solid threesome in the Bills' passing attack. Add in Chase Claypool, who performed above expectations during OTAs and minicamp. Claypool might be the most talented of the bunch, as long as his mind is right, and he's focused on the game and his team. The Buffalo Bills have plenty of legitimate weapons and their offense will continue to be one of the best in 2024


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