Bills OTA reports: Claypool “most consistent”: good sign or bad?

The Buffalo Bills added multiple receivers this offseason, via free agency and the draft. But one seems to be rising above the others.
Buffalo Bills
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Chase Claypool has been making some noise on the field during Bills' OTAs, according to reports and local beat writers. Is this a good thing or perhaps it can be looked at with concern. The Bills chose to move on from their starting receivers from last season, Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis. The national consensus is that Buffalo has a barren receiver room, and even some of the fans feel this way too. But let's look at these reports about Claypool from this angle.

First, the team hasn't put on the pads yet, and there were never any questions about Claypool's physical ability. He is one of the most physically gifted receivers on the Bills roster, and that's not a knock on Buffalo, but Claypool is talented and would be the most gifted on a lot of NFL rosters. That's never been the issue with him, the problem has always been in his head and heart. Are we getting the very best version of Claypool right now? Surely, he is aware this may be his last chance in the NFL and wants to take full advantage of his new opportunity.

Chase Claypool still has a lot to prove to the Buffalo Bills

The true test will come when the players finally put on the pads and there is a little more contact. Will Claypool continue to shine? How will he look in the preseason? Also, I want to see more of him against better players too. One of the reports we saw mentioned him make a would-be touchdown reception against rookie Cole Bishop. Well, he should be able to do well against the young rookie. What will he look like against the Bills starting corners, Rasul Douglas and Christian Benford? We hope he is the receiver we saw during his first two seasons in the league, and now with the best quarterback he's had in his career, because if so, this Bills offense could be the best of the best in 2024.