Super Wildcard Weekend - predicting the Buffalo Bills and all 6 wildcard games

Buffalo Bills
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The NFL regular season is done and fans all over are anxiously waiting for their team to take the field in pursuit of the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Only 14 teams get this opportunity, while the other 18 teams and their fans sit at home, watching and hoping that one day, their team will be in this position. Bills fans know this feeling all too well, after years of not getting into the playoffs, enduring 17 years of, "maybe this will be the year, maybe this is our franchise quarterback, maybe this is our legendary coach".

Well, the Buffalo Bills finally have their franchise quarterback and he's become one of the elites of the league. We have our coach, who many wanted fired a month ago, and even now some don't believe he's got what it takes to lead this team to the Super Bowl. I disagree with those fans though. I think he, our quarterback, and this team are more than capable of bringing Buffalo their first Lombardi Trophy. I mean, they already did what many thought was not possible and stole the AFC East away from the Miami Dolphins.

What about the rest of the field though? There are certainly some very capable teams in the playoffs, and you never know if one of the lower seeds gets hot, they could make some noise. We've seen plenty of wildcard teams advance before. For me, I like the San Francisco 49ers on the NFC side. I think they are the most complete team in that conference. I'm not convinced the Dallas Cowboys can win on the road, Philadelphia has disappeared but maybe the Detroit Lions can pull the upset and take down the 49ers.

My hope is this is a Bills versus Lions Super Bowl. I think that would be pretty cool and different from any matchup we've had in the last ten years. I'm over the Cowboys and 49ers of the world. Chiefs and Dolphins too, although I'd much rather see the Dolphins get bounced this weekend. But let's have some fun and predict some winners this weekend among the Super Wildcard games.