6 pros and cons of firing Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott

After another gut-wrenching defeat, many Bills fans are calling for McDermott's firing. But is that the right move?
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Wow, another heart-breaking loss from the Buffalo Bills. They had a shot in the end to win and Josh Allen played like a true MVP candidate but once again, the Bills defense couldn't get a stop late in the game to seal the win. Is that on Coach McDermott? Hard to say, but I am open to listening to the arguments against him, but I also have a few points to argue for keeping him.

First of all, I'm not for firing Sean McDermott and I'll get into those points later but I'm more than willing to listen to the pros for letting him go. I've been through the four Super Bowl losses, the Music City Miracle, the drought, 13 seconds, and everything leading up to now. I know my fair share of heartbreak when it comes to being a Bills fan and I have to say, this game against the Eagles felt like being back in those Super Bowls in the '90s.

My stomach was in knots and my heart was racing, all the while just thinking, man this would be a huge win for the Bills. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and right on queue, the "Fire McDermott" fans were in full force immediately following the game. But maybe they are right, maybe it's time to move on, maybe McDermott has gotten this team as far as he can. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of firing Coach Sean McDermott.