Fear the East: Buffalo Bills Undisputed Throne - Top 5 Dominant Division Reigns

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In honor of this year's Buffalo Bills AFC East Championship, I decided to put together a list of the Bills' top five all-time division champion teams. Since the AFL/NFL merger in 1966, the Bills have won the division 12 times, 14 if you throw in the AFL eastern division titles before 1966. In case you're wondering or didn't know, the New England Patriots currently have the most division titles with 22.

With this most recent division, the Bills are second in the division with their 14th title, breaking a tie with the Dolphins, as both teams were sitting at 13 apiece before Sunday night's division-clinching win over Miami. The New York Jets have four division titles, and the Baltimore Colts also have four, dating back to the 70's. If we go back to the eastern division days of the AFL, the Houston Oilers also won four titles from 1960 - 1962 and again in 1970.

Since this is my list, I get to determine the criteria, lucky me. First of all, only Bills teams that won at least 11 games as the division champion were considered for this list. That narrowed the list down a bit. I also only ranked teams after the AFL/NFL merger of 1966, so that eliminated a few more. This list also includes only teams whose offense and defense were ranked in the top ten, further narrowing the list. So, with that, let's get into my top five all-time division championship Buffalo Bills teams.