Josh Allen should win MVP and is the best quarterback in the NFL and here's why

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The lack of Josh Allen respect when it comes to MVP talk, continues to amaze me. The Buffalo Bills go nowhere without him, but I know, most teams would crumble without their starting quarterback. That said, there is no better quarterback in the NFL and there are a lot of stats to back up that claim. Even with Patrick Mahomes over in Kansas City, there is no better quarterback.

The insanely impressive touchdown throw to Gabe Davis against the Chargers was an absolute dime while running no less. The pass was perfectly dropped into Gabe Davis' hands, which led to a much-needed touchdown for the Bills. But Allen has done this time and time again and yet, the national narrative remains, Josh Allen is a turnover machine. I get it but it is literally the only thing haters can hang their hat on. They continue to ignore all the incredible feats and accomplishments.

Josh Allen leads the league in turnovers this season, with 18 total turnovers but he's fourth in passing yards and third in QBR. But the most impressive stat is his total touchdowns of 40, which puts him first in the league and by a wide margin. The next closest player to him is Jalen Hurts, and he had 35 total touchdowns at the time of this writing. Allen leads is second among all quarterbacks with 13 rushing touchdowns and has 413 yards rushing After 15 games this season, he has nearly 4,200 total yards.

Not only should Josh Allen be the front-runner for the league MVP (even more so, if the Bills continue their push to the playoffs) but he's the best quarterback in the league. Mahomes is a great quarterback but even he cannot do some of the things that Allen can do. Just look at a few of the numbers over Josh Allen's six-year career, that not even Mahomes can claim.