Fear the East: Buffalo Bills Undisputed Throne - Top 5 Dominant Division Reigns

Buffalo Bills
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3. 1966 Buffalo Bills (9 - 4)

This was the one team that I made an exception for when it came to winning 11 games. I mean, they only played 13 anyway, so it would have been unfair and disrespectful to exclude them. The Bills in the 60's were dominant and who knows if they would have won a Super Bowl or two had the NFL and AFL merged just two years earlier. Buffalo won AFL titles in 1964 and 1965; however, after the merger in 1966, they lost in the AFL title game to the Kansas City Chiefs, who then earned the right to represent the AFL in the first-ever Super Bowl.

Anyway, this is about that 1966 team and how good they were. Despite losing in the AFL title game, they were one of the dominant teams in the AFL. They were ranked first in points allowed and second in points scored. Both their offense and defense were ranked third in terms of yards, with a point differential of 103 (9th in team history). Their average margin of victory was 7.4 (8th in team history).