Fear the East: Buffalo Bills Undisputed Throne - Top 5 Dominant Division Reigns

Buffalo Bills
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4. 1990 Buffalo Bills (13 - 3)

This version of the Buffalo Bills is likely considered one of, if not the best team in Bills history. While they were outstanding and one of the best, let's also keep in mind that in those days, the AFC, particularly the AFC East wasn't that good. We as Bills fans, have used this very point against the Patriots two decades of dominance too, and the same can be said of the division in the late 80's and early 90's.

Even still, this Bills team was awesome! Their average margin of victory was 10.3, which ranked fourth highest all-time. Only four times in team history have they won 13 games in a season and 1990 was one of them. That team also sported a point differential of 165, third third-highest mark in team history and number one in the league that season. On offense, they ranked first in points and and sixth in yards. Defensively, they were sixth in points allowed and eighth in yards given up.