Does it make sense for the Buffalo Bills to change offensive coordinators mid-season

Ken Dorsey
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When the Buffalo Bills promoted Ken Dorsey from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, I thought, well that only makes sense. For purposes of continuity, which I'm a big fan of, that was the right move. The one issue with it the hiring though, is Dorsey was and still is very young in this position. Looking back, with the Bills in a win-now mode, perhaps the better option would have been an OC with some experience. Dorsey had never been an offensive coordinator before getting the job in Buffalo.

Sure, the offensive scheme remained largely the same with Dorsey and there wasn't much of a learning curve for the Bills players, but Buffalo needed and maybe still does need someone with play-calling experience. We've seen coaches in year's past make a change at quarterback in hopes of providing a struggling offense with a spark. Sometimes that works and sometimes it does not but in Buffalo's case, you aren't making a temporary change at quarterback, so perhaps a change at OC can spark the offense.

Here's the thing though, does it really make sense to make a change mid-season? There aren't any options currently on the coaching staff with much play-calling experience, but I've seen several fans calling for Joe Brady to take over this role. What you may not realize is Dorsey and Brady have called exactly the same number of games at this point in their careers, with 28 games, between regular season and playoffs.

Brady started in 2017 with the New Orleans Saints working under Sean Payton as an offensive assistant. He then joined the LSU Tigers staff and served as the passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach, where he remained until following the 2019 season. Brady was awarded the NCAA Broyles Award, given to the top assistant in the country in 2019, after which, he was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers.

Brady lasted almost two seasons with the Panthers; however, was fired in December 2021, and was not able to finish out the 2021 season before getting canned. Those Carolina offenses ranked 21st and 30th respectively. So, is making a change to Joe Brady a good move? Probably not and it certainly makes no sense to fire Dorsey mid-season, hire a new OC outside of the organization, and try to install a new offensive scheme.

If you want to talk about change after this season, depending on how things play out, I'll listen to those conversations. Should the Bills choose to move on from Dorsey after the season, there are several offensive coordinators out there that I would welcome. I have no allegiance or special attachments to Ken Dorsey, but it simply doesn't make sense to make any changes right now. For now, the focus will be squarely on the Denver Broncos and the remainder of the season.

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