5 of the biggest questions facing the Buffalo Bills at this point of the season

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It's been a tough week for the Buffalo Bills and the fans. A lot of fans have thrown in the towel on the 2023 season, and I don't blame them for feeling this way. But I'm telling you, just have faith, you have to "billieve". If you don't, then why bother? Why continue to watch the games? Why continue to bash the coaches? Just turn off the television, get off social media, and fans who still have hope will welcome you back when the Bills go on a tear and pile up the wins again on their way to another playoff appearance.

I've been tweeting and writing both here, on X (Twitter), and Facebook, saying I still have faith in this team and not just the players but also the coaches. I'm not on the fire Dorsey train but regardless, it won't happen. The organization will not fire coaches in the middle of the season. This isn't the Bills from ten years ago, this is a Super Bowl-capable team. After all, there is a reason they continue to be in the top five among teams with the best odds to win it all.

We're nine games into the season and with eight games remaining, we're essentially at the mid-point of the season. Let's move past the "let's fire the coach" idea and focus on some of the actual questions ahead of the Bills as they continue through the second half of the season and make that playoff push.

Can the Buffalo Bills offense get back on track?

This seems to be the biggest question of the season at this point. The Bills went from three straight games of scoring 37 or more points to struggling to get over 20 in a game, having only done it twice over the last five games, winning only two of them.

Despite the obvious struggles, the Bills' offense still ranks fifth in total yardage and points scored per game, while fourth in passing yards. That's not to say there aren't some issues with this offense, but the yards are there. When we look into the games drive by drive, we see a common issue is self-inflicted errors. Turnovers, penalties, and dropped passes have been the thing that kills drives. When the team plays disciplined football, the offense is unstoppable.

On top of all this, we're seeing a huge uptick in Dalton Kincaid usage, as well as Khalil Shakir. This is exactly what fans were calling for too. Get Josh Allen another offensive weapon, they said. The team drafted Dalton Kincaid and now he's shining in this offense, add in the five to seven targets that Shakir is getting, and this offense is no longer just Diggs.

Should the Bills incorporate the run game more?

This is nothing more than a philosophical question. I honestly don't care if the team runs the ball or passes. Whatever it takes to get into the endzone and score points, is all that I care about. Keep James Cook involved with 15 to 20 touches per game, whether that's rushing or receiving. He's a weapon this offense can and should utilize but with the uptick in targets for Shakir, I'm not sure there are too many more passes to go around.

Cook has 506 yards rushing, with a 4.7 yards per carry average. The numbers are there as far as the running game goes. The Bills are averaging well over four yards per carry too, and with the offensive line playing better than any line the Bills have had in years, the run game is solid. It's a piece of the offense that defenses have to recognize as a viable threat, so I would like to see a few more runs throughout the game, just to keep the opposing defense safeties from dropping back in cover two coverage.

That said though, the Bills can do the same thing with the passing game. But that's on Josh Allen to make happen by being more willing to hit the underneath receivers more often, rather than risking a pick with those deep throws. Allen needs to be more patient and understand that a dink-and-dunk passing attack will open up the downfield throws.