Buffalo Bills free agency Q & A with AI

  • Should the Buffalo Bills resign A.J. Epenesa?
  • Who could be potential cap casualties in 2024?
  • What 2024 NFL free agents should the Buffalo Bills pursue?
  • Which Bills free agents should Buffalo try to retain?
  • Should the bills do everything they can to re-sign DaQuan Jones?

Buffalo Bills
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It's the Buffalo Bills offseason and times are slow. Sometimes I sit at home, scrolling through my latest notifications, where I'm reminded a Super Bowl is being played still. I don't think I've ever been more disinterested in the Super Bowl than I am this year. Regardless, my focus is still on the Buffalo Bills, where it will remain all summer long. I'll still watch the big game, only because I haven't missed one since the San Franciso 49ers got the best of the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII back in January of 1989.

That said, I'm all in on the Buffalo Bills offseason, which means following the rookies from the Senior Bowl, diving into possible options in free agency for the Bills, and the upcoming NFL Draft. I'll be all over the NFL Combine too but for now, we're all about upcoming free agency. We know the Bills have 21 pending free agents and the team is roughly, $50 million over the cap. First of all, there are ways to get below the cap, and I have no doubt Brandon Beane will get it done. I mean, he has to, he doesn't have a choice. The choice is, of the Bills pending free agents, who stays and who goes?

So, I was working on some things for the podcast this week and thought to myself. I wonder what AI thinks about the Bills free agent situation. I've written a couple of other articles based on AI's opinion and find it interesting to dig into that. I know some people are creeped out by AI but maybe I'm crazy and think it's cool to have a conversation. The other two I recently wrote were a prediction of the Bills/Chiefs game (which by the way, AI picked the Bills, so there goes credibility out the window) and the other was a five-round Buffalo Bills mock draft.

This time around, I asked AI five questions about the Bills free agency in the coming weeks and what they should do about certain players, either free agents or players currently under contract that might become salary cap casualties. So, let's get into it.