AI predicts the winner of the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City divisional matchup

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are getting ready for round three of their playoff battles, after defeating the Steelers and Dolphins, respectively, in the Wildcard round. The Chiefs won the first two, including the epic 13-second game. Despite the Bills being on the losing end of that game, it remains one of the greatest games in NFL history. This weekend, the two teams renew their rivalry, which will be the seventh meeting between the two teams in the last four seasons.

The Bills will be hosting this time though, which will be Patrick Mahomes' first true road playoff game. It's only fitting it's the Bills, given the history that has developed between these two teams and the rivalry that has grown between Josh Allen and Mahomes. The Bills have won three of the last five games between these two; however, all three wins were in the regular season. Buffalo has struggled to get past the Chiefs in the playoffs. Could this be the year?

We asked AI to tell us who will win this battle of the two AFC giants in the NFL playoffs divisional round. There were multiple factors provided as to why each team could win, including Mahomes and his play-making abilities, calling him "one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league." The Chiefs' experience in the playoffs and winning high-pressure games.

Factors given for the Bills is they have home-field advantage and also mention their three wins over the last three seasons, including defeating the Chiefs in Week 14, 20 - 17. The AI also mentions the Bills' strong defense and Josh Allen; however, had concerns regarding the numerous injuries on that side of the ball.

My prediction article will come out early Saturday morning, in which I'll break down and give my thoughts on the winners of all four playoff games, but I thought it would be interesting to see what AI thinks about this showdown between the Bills and Chiefs. Based on the factors given, AI predicted the Buffalo Bills would win this game and advance to the AFC Championship game by a score of 24 - 21.

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