Buffalo Bills: 5 players to watch in the Senior Bowl

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The Senior Bowl takes place on Saturday at 1 PM ET. The practices have been going on all this week, with NFL coaches and scouts in attendance, as well as the media. This is an opportunity for many college athletes to make another lasting impression on NFL teams and hopefully move up draft boards and putting themselves in a better position to get drafted.

I wrote the other day about some of the players from past Senior Bowls and this week there have been several players that have shined and improved their stock. Some of these players are likely getting a little extra attention from the Bills, particularly the wide receivers, safeties, and defensive linemen. Fortunately, there have been some standouts in those positions too.

I picked out five of these players, three of them wide receivers. You could make a case that this is the most important area of need but a bigger case can be made for either safety or defensive line. We've talked about the number of pending free agents the Bills have and most of those, 14 to be exact, are on the defensive side. Eight of those 14 players are along the defensive line. We also don't know what the future holds for Jordan Poyer. The free agency period will be very interesting for the Bills.