Did Brandon Beane shed some light on the Bills 2024 NFL Draft plans?

For months now Bills Mafia has been speculating what the Bills might do with the first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft. Most are convinced the Bills will take a wide receiver, but did Brandon Beane's recent comments shed some light on their draft plans?
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The NFL Draft is days away and the speculation as to what the Buffalo Bills will do with the 28th pick is all over the place. From trading up or back or maybe they stay put. Wide receiver is the position we see mocked to the Bills the most, but there is also the thought that Brandon Beane could go in a different direction. At a recent press conference, Beane may have shed some light on the team's plans.

"If there is a guy I like and I'm confident in, I want to go to bed Thursday night (knowing) that I got him....If that happens again, I could do it. I can't really tell you if we go up, go back or draft at 28. I have no idea how it's going to fall."

Brandon Beane

Beane said they have more first-round grades on players this year than last year, but they still don't have 28 players they consider first-rounders. He did say that doesn't mean they won't still select someone at 28, but it sounds like that is unlikely, and I would be shocked if Buffalo stays at 28. Will they move up or back, time will tell, but if I were a betting man, I'd say they move up.

Brandon Beane's thoughts on the Buffalo Bills current receivers

He also had some interesting comments regarding the Bills wide receiver room, "If there's a one that pops up either in free agency or the draft that makes sense for us or a really good two, we'll do it. But I don't think not having a one, doesn't mean we can't have success on offense or as a team." He also believes like the rest of us that this class or receivers is one of the deepest we've seen a while. Don't be shocked Bills Mafia if Brandon Breane and the Buffalo Bills either don't take a receiver with their frist pick, or the execute another first round trade to move up and get one they believe could be a so-called "number one".

Thursday night will be fun and exciting to see what Brandon Beane does. Maybe he'll surprise us all and jump into the top ten, grabbing Rome Odunze. Maybe he trades up and doesn't take a receiver, instead opting for one of the top edge players. Regardless, we might not like what plays out, but we have to trust it's the right move until proven otherwise. It's the draft and every pick is a crap shoot. No matter who the pick is, fans have to be willing to show some patience and see what happens.


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