Past picks who should thrill Bills fans about 28th pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Darrell Green
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The Buffalo Bills hold the 28th pick of the 2024 NFL Draft and many mock drafts have the Bills going with a wide receiver. We've seen mocks with defensive ends, safeties, and even corners. The most likely possibility is that Brandon Beane moves out of the 28th pick, whether that's a move out of the first round or a move up, is yet to be determined. But I thought it would be fun to look at the history of the 28th pick and put together a top-ten list.

Since 1966, the Super Bowl era, there have been 58 picks in the NFL Draft. There was a time when the 28th pick fell late in the second round, then early second, and now it falls late in the first round. But it's still the 28th overall, regardless of the round and there have been some very good players, including pro bowlers, All-Pros, and a couple of Hall of Famers. The list also includes a center the Bills selected with the 28th pick of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Five wide receivers have been taken with the 28th pick, including former Bill, Kelvin Benjamin, and a former New York Giants receiver some Bills fans might remember, Mark Ingram. Ingram had a decent career, but didn't make our top ten; however, in the 1990 playoffs, he recorded 11 receptions and 168 yards over three games to become a Super Bowl champion. There have been 35 defensive players taken, compared to 23 on the offensive side of the ball. The most selected position group was in the secondary, with 13 players selected.

Like I said this list includes two Hall of Famers, with four Super Bowl appearances between them, including three wins. One was considered the fastest man in the NFL during his playing days and the other was one of the greatest linebackers in the league. However, we have eight other players to talk about first, so let's get into it.