Missing pieces: how these 3 draft picks can help Bills contend in 2024

The Buffalo Bills have ten picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. But there are three must-add prospects they must add to the 2024 roster.
Ladd McConkey
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We're finally in the home stretch heading towards the 2024 NFL Draft. I am excited to see who makes up the Buffalo Bills 2024 draft class and we can start to see what the Bills roster will look like for the coming season. I'm sure Brandon Beane will add a few more free agents, most likely including a wide receiver. But for the most part, I think the Bills roster will be set after the draft. Once the draft is over, we'll critique every pick and hand out draft grades, though meaningless, but still fun.

One question that will be answered on the opening day of the draft is whether Beane will trade up, back, or stay put. History says he will move up, but with ten picks, several position needs, and an exceptionally deep draft, he could stay put or even move back and collect a couple more draft picks. I wouldn't mind seeing a trade back, picking my draft crush. We'll get into my guy here shortly, but there are three guys in this year's draft that I have my eye on and hope the Bills do too.

Two of these players seem to be on the Bills' radar too, with top-30 visits and other meetings. Buffalo still has several top-30 visits left to utilize, so we'll see who they meet with between now and the start of the draft. The nice thing about my three prospects is they can all be selected at various points of the draft. This isn't a list of just the top three players at their respective positions. These are all players the Bills could easily draft between the first and fifth rounds. We also have our podcast on Thursday at 7 pm ET, in which we'll discuss these players a little more, and my co-hosts will share their thoughts and favorites as well. You don't want to miss that.

Three 2024 NFL Draft prospects the Buffalo Bills need.