Wide receiver to the rescue? Schrager mocks fix for Bills' biggest need

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Mandi Wright / USA TODAY NETWORK

Everyone is putting out mock drafts these days and as we inch closer to the draft, the trade rumors and mocks only increase. NFL Network's Peter Schrager isn't immune to the mock draft life either. Though, he's done only one, at least one that's been published. He just released his first of the season and shocker, he has the Bills selecting a wide receiver. Here's what he said.

"The Bills stay put and still get one of the top wideout prospects in the draft. Big, fast and physical, Mitchell garners plenty of interest in league circles. This is lower than where some other mock drafts have him going, but I could see him lingering in the mid-to-late 20s."

Peter Schrager

Schrager has the Bills selecting Texas receiver Adonai Mitchell. For me, I'm not a fan of Mitchell. The question marks about his on-field effort are concerning. I also have a hard time believing that Coach McDernott and Brandon Beane are ok with this. One interesting thing is that Mitchell's teammate, wide receiver Xavier Worthy has been on a top-30 visit with the Bills; however, Mitchell has not yet.

That's not to say Mitchell won't, but for the moment, it doesn't appear to be much interest coming from the Bills. Schrager prefaces the mock draft by saying his picks are based on what he is hearing from his sources. Also, I don't have sources from the league or Bills, so while we may not have heard anything, perhaps Schrager does know something we don't. Plus, if the Bills are seriously looking at Mitchell as a potential selection at pick 28, I have no doubt they will do their homework and will be comfortable selecting him in the first round.

What about other possible receiver targets for the Buffalo Bills?

In case you were wondering, other receivers that went before the Bills at 28, were Brian Thomas Jr (20th), and Xavier Worthy (24th). This means Troy Franklin and Ladd McConkey were still available. The San Francisco 49ers took McConkey at 31 and the Kansas City Chiefs snagged Ja'Lynn Polk with the final pick of the first round.


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