5 things that standout about the Buffalo Bills Week 2 matchup

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Well, the debacle that was Monday Night is in the rearview and while the national media continues to pile on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, I'm moving forward. I've said my piece about how Allen needs to make some changes in his game, but I am willing and able to accept him as is if that is what we get. He's still one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and more than capable of leading this team to the promised land someday.

On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills will be hosting the Las Vegas Raiders in their home opener. The Raiders come to town after a nice win last week against the Denver Broncos but it wasn't exactly a standout win, beating the Broncos by a point isn't anything to overreact about. But still, a win is a win and that's more than what the Bills have right now.

The Raiders do two things very well, run the ball with Josh Jacobs and rush the passer with Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones. That happens to be the two things Bills fans are most concerned about if the Bills can stop. I'm not as worried about the run defense as maybe others but I'd be foolish and ignorant if I sat here and said I'm not worried about the pass rush.

I'm in town for this one and can't wait to get out on the town and hang with my Bills family, tailgating and soaking in the entire experience. I brought my family with me this time and this will be their first Buffalo Bills game day experience, so let's hope the outcome is a good one and give my family a good show. With that, here are the five things that standout to me heading into this Week Two matchup with the Las Vegas Raiders.