Buffalo Bills fall in Week 2 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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I think it's safe to say that Week One didn't exactly go as expected, which certainly scrambled our rankings this week. It is tough to differentiate teams after just one week, as we don't have much to go on still and you don't want to overreact to what we saw this past week.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, and Buffalo Bills all lost and were in our top three last week. So, do we now drop those three to the bottom half of the AFC rankings with the other teams that lost as well, such as the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos? The answer to that is no.

We still need to use some educated thoughts here on what we do know about these teams. The Chiefs might have lost but does anyone truly think they are one of the bottom eight teams in the AFC? Again, the answer is no.

I did have to drop them all the same. There were a few teams that were more impressive in Week One but more than that, there were a lot of teams that were underwhelming with their performance and honestly shocking in how bad they were, insert the Cincinnati Bengals here. But let's get into the rankings and see how things fell this week, as we head towards Week Two.