3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will win against the New England Patriots in Week 7

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills offense may not be what fans are used to seeing in the last two games, especially against the Giants, who have one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The Bills offense would struggle that game, sort of the same story against the Jaguars, and fans are getting agitated to see the high-powered offense they're used to.

Whoever there is to blame for the lack of consistency, Bills fans need to remember who they have on the offense, and who still leads the NFL in total touchdowns and completion percentage. Not only that but how effective the defense has been, given all of the injuries encountered, crediting that to McDermott and the players who've stepped up.

There's a good chance that the Bills will start to look like a top NFL team in the league, and will win against the Patriots, and here's why.

Patriots' struggling offense

It's no secret that the weakest side of the Patriots' team is their offense, led by Mac Jones, who is a bottom-three quarterback in terms of quarterback rating, along with Zach Wilson and Ryan Tannehill. Jones has struggled every single game besides his first game against the Eagles. After that, Jones threw two more touchdowns and six more interceptions in the next five games, and the last touchdown he's thrown hasn't been since Week Three.

Their rushing offense isn't anything special either, as their rushing attack is ranked 23rd overall in terms of rushing yards. Running backs Rhamondre Stevenson and Ezekiel Elliot have combined for only 427 rushing yards, averaging under 4.0 yards per carry with only three scores. 

Even with the injuries the Bills have on the defensive side, they are performing like a top defense in the league and may have a field day against the Patriots' offense.

Josh Allen is on a mission

In Allen's last two games, he has played solidly but is expected to do more. No matter how good a team's quarterback is, they can't play every game at their best, but something is going on with the offense's rhythm. This isn't the first time the offense had struggles, and when they did, they bounced back every time. 

Allen and the offense will look to do that against the Patriots defense. No matter how good of a defensive coach Bill Belichick is, he's struggled to stop the Bills offense. Since 2020, including playoffs, Allen's recorded 15 total touchdowns to only three interceptions against the Patriots, winning 5 of their last six matchups.

The Patriots roster is riddled with injuries

Just like the Bills, the Patriots have injuries everywhere on their roster, though the only difference is that the Bills have better depth than the Patriots. Most of the Patriots' injuries are in their secondary, which is something that Allen will take advantage of, especially with free agent recent free agent acquisition JC Jackson being the Patriots' number one corner.

The Patriots also have a banged-up o-line that's lining up against the strength of the Bills' defense, which is their d-line. With the Bills' offense having a fire lit under them, along with facing a struggling Patriots team on both sides of the ball, I don't see the Bills losing this game.

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