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As we are waiting for the draft and taking a look at prospects for the Buffalo Bills, breaking it up just a little bit to take a look back at who some of the 1200+ players that have passed through the Buffalo Bills organization and One Bills Drive are and what numbers they wore.

Today we will take a look at those 19 players that wore the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills over the years.

We start with Wray Carlton, who was with the Bills, as their full back, from 1960 until 1967.  During his career in Buffalo, which was his entire one, Wray played in 87 games.  In those 87 games he had 817 attempts on the ground for a total of 3368 yard.  He had 29 touchdowns during that time as well.  He added another 1300 yards on 110 receptions for the Bills in his 8 years.

The next player to wear the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills was Wayne Patrick from 1968 until 1972.  Patrick was another guy that had his entire career in Buffalo, it was 5 years for Patrick as a Bill.  He replaced Wray Carlton at full back.  During his time in Buffalo, Patrick played in 53 games.  He had 264 attempts for 1084 yards.  He added 96 yards on receptions for an additional 745 yards.  He came away with 6 total touchdowns between rushing and receiving. 

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Robert “Bo” Cornell is the next player we see in the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills.  Cornell started his career with the Cleveland Browns and played with them for 2 years before heading over to the Buffalo Bills in 1973 and stayed until 1977.  While with the Buffalo Bills, Cornell played both running back and linebacker.  Based on stats, Cornell was primary used as a kick and punt returner.

We hit 1981, three years after Bo Cornell is seen in the number 30.  Lawrence McCutcheon is next seen at the end of his career having a 1 year stint with the Buffalo Bills wearing the number 30.  McCutcheon, at the end of a 10 year career playing for 4 teams, saw only 6 games for the Bills where he carried the ball 34 times for a total of 138 yards.

1984 saw two players where the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills.  Cornerback Brian Carpenter, who started 10 of 13 games played for the Bills during that season and Marco Tongue, cornerback as well who was seen in only 1 games during the ’84 season for the Buffalo Bills.

Anthony Hutchison is the next Bills player to don the number 30.  In 1985, his last year in the league, ending a 3 year career, played in 5 games for the Buffalo Bills only recording 2 carries for a total of 11 yards.

1987 was the year of the strike.  2 players were seen wearing the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills during this unforgettable year.  Both Kevin Porter and Warren Loving were seen as running backs for the Buffalo Bills.  Porter played in 6 games for the Bills with only 2 attempts.  Warren Loving was active for 1 game but did not see any game action at all.

Don Smith is next seen toting the number 30 for the Bills during their first Super Bowl year in 1990.  He was primarily used as a kick returner having 32 returns for 642 yards.  He also had 21 receptions and 20 rushing attempts for 225 and 82 yards respectively. 

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  • Yonel Jourdain is the next player we see wearing the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills during the 1994-1995 seasons.  Jourdain was used as a kick returner for the Bills returning 46 kicks during his 2 years with the Bills for a total of 949 yards.

    It is 7 years before we see the number 30 on the field again for the Buffalo Bills, but the next 3 players to wear the number 30 were Marcus Floyd in 2002, Ken Simonton in 2003 and Dante Brown in 2004.  Both Floyd and Simonton saw very limited action if at all.  Brown never made it as an active player on the roster.

    Ko Simpson was a Buffalo Bills defensive back for 3 years starting in 2006 until 2008.  He started 27 of 33 games for the Buffalo Bills.  He came away for 102 tackles 1 sack and 2 interceptions in his three year career with the Bills.

    Jehuu Caulcrick was active for 2 games for the Bills during the 2010 season.

    After Jehuu Caulcrick, we see Mana Silva wearing the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills in 2013.  Silva was with Buffalo in the beginning of the 2012 season but was seen with Dallas at the end of it.  He came back to Buffalo in 2013 but saw no action on the field.

    The final two players to wear the number 30 for the Buffalo Bills finished out last season.  Mario Butler started the year with the number 30 saw little to no action for the Buffalo Bills in 2014.  Bacarri Rambo came on after a 2 year stint with the Washington Redskins.  He came in and was active for 4 games.  He came away with 2 interceptions for 46 yards for the Buffalo Bills.

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