Monica Seles: Owner of the Buffalo Bills


Sep 8, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Monica Seles speaks after being inducted into the court of champions before the women

As we move forward into the race to own the Buffalo Bills.  We have looked at most of the candidates that have stepped forward to own the Bills or at least make it publicly known that they are interested in owning them.

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A new person has coming into light, but not in the sense of stepping into the spotlight make bold statements that she will own the Bills.  This is more of a ownership by association.

Monica Seles, yes that Monica Seles, the former Tennis Champion.  She is engaged to Tom Golisano.  With a 32 year difference, and the way that owners of football teams have fared this year, the tennis Champion could be the owner of the Bills in due time, if Golisano wins the bid and is sold the Buffalo Bills in the near future.  Golisano, who intends on keeping the Bills in Buffalo, is set to marry his fiance. What would this mean for the Bills when Tom is no longer in the picture? Will Seles be the owner? It could depend on the prenuptial agreements that could determine where the Bills land.

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  • If Seles becomes the owner down the road, where does this put the franchise? Do they stay in Buffalo. Does Seles move them when it is most convenient for her? Seles was born in Serbia, but i can’t see her moving the team there.  Seles has been stationed in the Sarasota area for most of her Tennis career, which is where Golisano is as well, and just downsized her 5800 square foot mansion back in April.

    These are things that also have to be taken into consideration.

    As I have grown to know but not necessarily love, the military is a hurry up and wait styled force, we will have to do the same here.