The Bills took on the Patriots to start their 2013 season and lost by a last s..."/> The Bills took on the Patriots to start their 2013 season and lost by a last s..."/>

Week 1 Recap: New England 23 – Buffalo 21


The Bills took on the Patriots to start their 2013 season and lost by a last second field goal 23 – 21, below is a rundown of how the game went down:

Buffalo kicks off after winning the toss and deferring the kick and Searcy makes the stop at New England’s own 14.

Buffalo gets a neutral zone infraction on the first play of the drive.

The first drive is all Tom Brady and Danny Amendola as they hooked up twice for 34 yards before Buffalo buckles down and forces a New England punt.

McKelvin calls for a fair catch at his own 10 yard line and EJ Manuel comes in for his much anticipated NFL debut.

CJ spiller gets the first 2 touches and fumbles the ball on the 2nd which is recovered by New England on Buffalo’s 16 yard line. 3 plays later Tom Brady throws a 8 yard touchdown pass to J.Edelman

New England 7 – Buffalo 0

Buffalo fields the ball in the end zone for a touch back and after a pair of completions from Manuel and a couple stuffed runs by Spiller the Bills take their 3rd penalty of the game before soon after having to punt.

Buffalo takes a 15 yard face mask penalty on the punt return and the Pats get great field position at the 50 yard line.

The Pats drive roughly 20 yards before they kick a 48 yard field goal

New England 10 – Buffalo 0

Buffalo has a few nice plays before getting a 10 yard illegal use of hands penalty,  and after an incomplete pass on 3rd and 20 the Bills once again punt to New England.

The 2nd quarter begins and the Bills defense tightens up and Searcy sacks Tom Brady on 3rd and 9 for a 6 yard loss forcing a punt.

Freddy Jackson moves the ball with 3 consecutive touches for 22 total yards but Buffalo punts 2 plays later after a stuffed run on 3rd and 1, the crowd at Ralph Wilson boo’s the punting team as they run onto the field

Buffalo’s defense continues its solid play and New England goes 3 and out before punting and pinning Buffalo inside their own 10

Bills immediately go 3 and out

Buffalo takes an off-sides penalty on a 13 yard first down that is declined by New England.

Buffalo takes a 5 yard 12 On-field penalty 1 play before Ridley fumbles the ball on Buffalo’s  25 yard line, Searcy recovers the ball and runs 75 yards for a touchdown.

New England 10 – Buffalo 7

Neutral zone infraction is called on Buffalo on 3rd and 4 but they force a punt 4 plays later.

New England gets their first penalty for unnecessary roughness, which is followed by a 10 yard block above the waist penalty on Scott Chandler before Marquise Goodwin fumbles the ball and New England recovers on Buffalo’s 32

Danny Amendola leaves hobbling off the field and appears to have re-injured a nagging groin injury.

The Pats easily drive 32 yards in 4 plays ending with a 8 yard touchdown pass to Edelman.

New England 17 – Buffalo 7

Buffalo gets the ball back with 2 minutes remaining then immediately go 3 and out and punt with 1:20 remaining on the clock to New England who have 3 timeouts

On 2nd and 4 J. Rogers intercepts the ball on New England’s 37 with just over a minute remaining.

Manuel throws a 19 yard pass to Chandler before a 18 yard touchdown pass to Robert Woods to end the first half.

New England 17 – Buffalo 14 End of First Half

The Bills get the ball to start the half and go with 5 straight running plays before Manuel scrambles for 19 yards

It is announced the Marquise Goodwin has left the game with a hand injury

Buffalo moves the ball fluidly 80 yards in 11 plays ending their drive with a 18 yard touchdown pass from Manuel to Stevie Johnson.

New England 17 – Buffalo 21

Amendola returns to the game and has a few nice plays before Buffalo takes another off-sides penalty.

The Patriots go for it on 4th and goal on the 1 yard line and Kiko Alonso forces a fumble who then recovers the ball and pushes his way to the 17 yard line

Buffalo moves the ball nicely but take a 10 yard illegal use of hands penalty and have to punt after a failed 3rd and 11

Marcus Easely makes a nice play on the punt as he fields the ball on the Pat’s 3 yard line.

Patriots start the drive with a false start and move back to the 2 yard line before Buffalo brings the heat and force a 3 and out

Bills get great field position on the punt at New England’s 42

TJ Graham gets a holding penalty which is declined, and EJ Manuel Pumps up the Crowd as the 3rd quarter ends

Buffalo is soon forced to punt and get a 5 yard illegal formation penalty on the punt.

First play of the drive Tom Brady throws a 35 yard pass to J.Leonhard and it is reported that Tom Brady told his team to ‘get it together’ before the drive

Buffalo gets 10 yard penalty for 12 on the field that is enforced on the Bills 5 yard line

Kyle Williams sacks Tom Brady on 3rd and goal for a 10 yard loss and New England settles for a field goal

New England 20 – Buffalo 21

New England starts the drive with another unnecessary roughness penalty for 15 yards but Stevie Johnson cant handle a pass thrown on 3rd and 2 and the Bills punt.

Ralph Wilson Stadium goes absolutely crazy during the Patriots drive and the Bills force a punt that goes through the end zone.

Bills immediately go 3 and out after 3 passing plays and punt the ball to the Patriots 34 yard line

New England gets a 5 yard false start penalty but move the ball into field goal range with 1:08 left on the clock

After running down the clock to 9 seconds remaining they kick a  35 yard field goal

New England 23 – Buffalo 21 End of Game