Bills address WR need in post-Stefon Diggs full 7-round NFL mock draft

Bills Mafia believed the Bills needed to draft a widr receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft. With Stefon Diggs kicked out of One Bills Drive, that need has reached astronomical now levels now.
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If you think the Bills needed to draft a receiver in the first round of the coming draft, you probably think they need at least two now. Fortunately, this draft is deep at the position, at least on paper. Time will tell just how good, or bad this class truly is. Either way, Buffalo will need to find some answers at the positions and that will most likely come from both free agency and the draft.

We know the Bills already signed one receiver in free agency with Curtis Samuel, and they most likely will bring in at least one more before OTAs begin May 20th. They will also add one through the draft but, I'd guess at least two via the draft. They have other positions of need as well, such as offensive line, and every position group on the defensive side. The starters are mostly set, but this draft will be about rebuilding depth and finding a few impact starters.

Another thing we should expect from Brandon Beane is a day-one trade. Beane is known for trading up in the first round of drafts but look for Beane to pull off both a trade up and a trade down in this one. As I said, the Bills have several needs, and this draft is perfect to address those needs. It's a perfect combo of both a deep draft and possessing several picks. I have the Bills trading back in the first round and still landing a much-needed receiver, but then back up into the second, acquiring a third second-round pick.