Top storylines for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2024 offseason

The NFL Combine is in full swing now, as the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason. There are questions to be answered and needs to be addressed this Spring and Summer. But what are the top storylines as the Buffalo Bills head into the NFL offseason?

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What will the Buffalo Bills do about Von Miller?

Here is another difficult contact situation the Buffalo Bills find themselves in. Similar to Stefon Diggs, the money doesn't make sense for the team to move on from Miller this offseason, but the Bills will need to figure out if Miller can still play or if the ACL he suffered in 2022 was the beginning of the end for his career? It's a difficult spot to be in, given the money he is due. It would be hard as a franchise to bench a player of Miller's stature and contract but that might be a decision the team has to make.

Over the last couple of games, Miller started to show a little more of that burst off the line but still nowhere near where the team needs him to be. Part of the Miller situation will include whether the Bills should spend a high draft pick on another edge defender or use those higher picks on other needs and hope that Miller can be at least 80% the player he once was. Let's not forget that part of this storyline includes the off-the-field concerns as well. We may hear more about that as the offseason rolls along toward the 2024 NFL season.


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