Ranking the five best head coaches the Buffalo Bills will face in 2023

These five head coaches that the Bills will face in 2023 should be the toughest ones they face.
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2.) Sean Payton

Payton is back in the NFL after taking one season off from coaching in 2022, but rather than being in New Orleans, Payton finds himself in Denver as the savior who can turn the Broncos and Russell Wilson around from their horrendous 2022 season.

With his arrival in the Mile High City, Payton inherits a Broncos team that has a top defensive unit in the league and the opportunity to create a new offensive identity. Payton is a fantastic offensive play caller who now has a more mobile quarterback in Wilson which can open up the playbook. 

The last time Payton played against the Bills was in 2021 on Thanksgiving where the Saints offense only put up 6 points and the Bills won 31-6. Now, Payton may have to face Buffalo not just in the regular season, but also in the playoffs potentially. If there was an available head coach who can make Wilson’s contract not look like a major regret, the answer is Sean Payton all day. 

The Bills host the Broncos on Monday night in November in Buffalo.