Ranking the five best head coaches the Buffalo Bills will face in 2023

These five head coaches that the Bills will face in 2023 should be the toughest ones they face.

New York Giants v Jacksonville Jaguars
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3.) Doug Pederson

I mentioned earlier that having talent on a team is not helpful unless there is good coaching. Just ask Trevor Lawrence who had Urban Meyer for his rookie season, in which Lawrence looked like a bust arguably.

When Jacksonville hired Doug Pederson to build the franchise back up from their disastrous 2021 season, it was the best move for the team and for Lawrence’s career. This is Pederson’s second team as a head coach, in which he took them to the divisional round of the playoffs last season after coming back from a 27 point deficit against the Los Angeles Chargers. 

In addition, Pederson also knows what it is like to win a super bowl when he was in Philadelphia, coaching the Eagles to a super bowl win in 2018 versus the New England Patriots. Pederson knows how to build a culture and get the best out of players no matter who they are. The Jaguars have put themselves in the conversation as a team who will look to compete for a super bowl led by Pederson and Lawrence. 

The Bills will face off against the Jaguars in London this season.