Pro Football Focus shows love for only Josh Allen in top 101 players of 2023

Pro Football Focus put out their annual Top 101 players from the 2023 NFL season. There was almost no love for the Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen
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This list comes out every year from Pro Football Focus and no, it's not based entirely on the grades they issue either. I know a lot of people aren't fans of the grades and while it is somewhat of a useful measurement, often the grades don't make a lot of sense. But anyway it doesn't matter this time, which is obvious, considering PFF sees the quarterback position as the single most important position on the field and Josh Allen earned the highest PFF grade of any quarterback, yet he is not number one on their top 101.

I will say this though, I find it interesting that Allen would be the highest-graded quarterback, ahead of Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and any other quarterback in the league, yet in this list, they have Mahomes, Jackson, and Dak Prescott all ranked ahead of Allen. So, which is it Pro Football Focus, was Allen the best quarterback in 2023 or not? They don't think so, but he was the highest-graded QB. Yeah, makes total sense.

In addition, it might make you angry to know the Buffalo Bills tied with the New England Patriots for the fewest players on PFF's top 101 list. Buffalo won the division, but the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins had more players on the list than Buffalo. Miami had seven and the Jets came in with four. While the Bills and Patriots brought up the rear with only one player each. Perhaps I'm just bitter but really, the Dolphins with seven players! I'm not going to list them here and give them any further shoutouts than I already have.

Where did the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen rank on PFF's top 101 from 2023

As far as Josh Allen goes, PFF ranked him the 16th-best player in the NFL for the 2023 season. I already mentioned the quarterbacks that were ranked ahead of him but some of the others were Dexter Lawrence, Amon St. Brown, and Penei Sewell. All these players are great but better than Josh Allen, 'm not so sure, and if you are curious the number one was Myles Garrett. But here is what PFF said about QB1, Allen.

"Much was made of Allen’s turnovers this season, but he also led the league in big-time throws (43) and ranked second in big-time throw rate (6.2%). When the Bills needed plays, Allen took responsibility, either with his arm or legs. He is one of the few genuinely unstoppable quarterbacks when he plays his best football, and he did that plenty of times this season."

Pro Football Focus

At this point, though, it's time to put the 2023 season in the rearview mirror. It didn't end the way we wanted and now we turn to the 2024 offseason and see what's to come when the 2024 season begins. We'll all be watching over the next month and a half to see what Brandon Beane does to fill the holes and improve this roster. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.


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