Buffalo Bills 3 potential paths to the playoffs week 16 update

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Well, that was certainly an impressive performance from the Buffalo Bills against the Dallas Cowboys. Several players contributed in a big way to the 31 - 10 destruction of the Cowboys but none more than James Cook. We've talked about this game all week here at BuffaLowDown, so I won't spend much time on it, other than to say, this is the type of game we expected from the Bills for months now.

If you remember from last week's playoff scenario article, I mentioned some of the teams that we hoped would lose; however, we didn't get all that we hoped for, but the Pittsburgh Steelers lost, as did the Denver Broncos, which moved the Bills up two spots in the playoff race, from 11th to ninth. We now head into week 16 and only three games remaining and the Bills with a record of 8 - 6.

According to the New York Times playoff machine, Buffalo currently has a 63% chance to make the playoffs. Last week, before all the week 15 games were played, Buffalo was given a 49%, so a bump of 14% after just one week of games. Each week is huge, and each game is the biggest game of the year at this point; however, as I pointed out last week, the Bills don't necessarily have to win out but that would be the easiest and most stress-free. Let's go ahead and get into the playoff scenario updates.