5 Buffalo Bills games that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season

Every season, the Bills fans circle a handful of games on the new schedule. These are the games they are looking forward to and often believe to be make or break type games. We have five games circled here that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season.
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With so much change on the roster and the coaching staff this offseason, expectations are a little lower heading into this season than we've seen in the last few years. Roster turnover happens every year, but fans are a little less confident this year given the talent that is no longer here. Specifically Stefon Diggs, Jordan Poyer, and potentially Micah Hyde. These three players have been mainstays for several years.

How the Bills handle these losses and who steps into their place in the depth chart will go a long way towards how the Bills 2024 season pans out. However, the great equalizer is Josh Allen who is still under center and as long as that remains the case, this team will always be in contention. Allen is the unquestioned leader and face of this franchise, and one of the top quarterbacks in the league. This season could be a career-defining year for him, without Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis.

Will Allen have another 40+ touchdown season, and extend his streak to five straight years of accomplishing this feat? Can he do this without Diggs in the lineup? I don't think he necessarily has to, but there will be a few games the team will ask him to put on the Superman cape. This is what separates the good quarterbacks from the great ones. When the team needs you, do you rise up, perform under pressure, and raise the level of play of those around you. Given Allen's performances in the playoffs and under the lights of primetime, the answer is he's that guy. With that, here are five games that will define Allen's 2024 season.

Five Buffalo Bills games that will define Josh Allen's season in 2024.