Buffalo Bills suffer further fall from grace in latest AFC rankings

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills took the top spot in our AFC rankings a few weeks ago after they dismantled the Miami Dolphins. Since then, the Bills have lost two of their last three and narrowly escaped losing all three. They have fallen from the top spot and this week; they fall even further.

Who is our number one this week, the Kansas City Chiefs won again, and it would make sense for them to remain so, but the Baltimore Ravens look very impressive in their battle against the previously 5 - 1 Detroit Lions.

We can't forget the Miami Dolphins dropped their second game of the year and continue to add strength to the opinion they can't beat any of the good teams. The only two games they've played against teams with winning records ended in a double-digit defeat.

Even the Denver Broncos picked up a win this week, as did the Jacksonville Jaguars. They've now won four consecutive and are beginning to pull away a bit more in the AFC South; however, the Houston Texans aren't too far behind but were on a bye this week.

The Las Vegas Raiders were blown out by a team in the Chicago Bears many consider the worst team in the NFL, so does that make the Raiders the worst team in the AFC? That spot is up for grabs after both the Broncos and Patriots pulled out wins this week. Anyway, let's go ahead and jump into the AFC rankings.