Buffalo Bills struggle again in week 7 loss against the New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills
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The first play of the Bills' offensive drive was an interception. Josh Allen had a wide-open guy in the flat too and would have likely been a first down. Instead, he pushed the ball down the field which resulted in another turnover and an eventual 10 - 0 hole early in the game.

When all was said and done, the Bills were unable to secure the win this time after spotting the opponent those ten points. losing to the Patriots 29 - 24. Unlike last week against the New York Giants, the defense could not come up with a goal-line stand this time and dropped their third loss of the season and second of three games within the division.

Buffalo needs to get things figured out and do so in a hurry, they can't afford to drop many more divisional matchups, and depending on what happens when the Miami Dolphins take on the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo could find themselves two games behind Miami.

I don't have the answers, nor can I explain what is happening. To all those who want to fire Coach McDermott and/or Dorsey, I ask you to take a longer look at the players. Are the coaches the ones throwing off-target passes to open players? Are the coaches the ones who are dropping passes or throwing picks? Fans will blame whoever they want but here are my initial reactions to this game.