Bills Rumors: It might be time to replace Sean McDermott with one of these coaches

Would the Bills make a bold move if the season continues down this road?
Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott
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The Buffalo Bills find themselves out of the playoff picture once more, after a close loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12. It was a hard-fought, exciting battle, but the Bills sit at 6-6 nonetheless.

One thing that needs to be talked about is the potential firing of Sean McDermott. Sure, he signed an extension recently. So did Bill Belichick, but that hasn't stopped the rumors from flowing about the Patriots firing their longtime leader. We have to be realistic.

The Bills haven't exceeded expectations in the last three seasons or so, and this year will go down as a massive disappointment if the Bills don't put it together. Ken Dorsey was already shown the door, and he might not have been the real culprit. McDermott's decision-making has been questionable at times, and that is what could ultimately get him booted.

If he were to be replaced, these four coaches are excellent candidates to check out in the coming offseason.

1. Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach, Michigan

First up, let's just take a look at a guy who is someone Bills fans might love to see take over, but could be a long shot to do so. Jim Harbaugh is comfortable at Michigan. He makes a lot of money. But, he has yet to win the big game. That might end up being a reason why he transitions back to the pros, eventually.

Harbaugh is a tough, no-nonsense guy who knows how to lead. That's the biggest thing about him as a coach. He is a leader of men, and you better believe he'd come in and hire the best possible staff he could put together on both sides of the ball.

Being well-connected throughout the league, Harbaugh would have plenty of options to build his staff, too. And let's remember, he wouldn't leave Michigan for just any job. But, the Bills job is an attractive one with Josh Allen under center.