Bills should throw caution to the wind with these Davante Adams trades

Why not make the rich even richer?
Buffalo Bills, Davante Adams
Buffalo Bills, Davante Adams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Over the last three weeks, you could make the argument that the Buffalo Bills look like the best team in the NFL.

After all, they have outscored their opponents 123-33 and have blown out three straight opponents, including the Miami Dolphins who were coming off a 70-point outburst a week ago.

With Buffalo surging and the trade market sure to heat up, we wonder whether or not disgruntled Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams could end up with the Bills. Adams has publicly stated that he cannot "wait around" for the Raiders to establish their direction and he wants to win now.

Should Vegas part with him, how could the Bills find a way to land the All Pro?

Trade Number 1: The Bills offer a pair of picks for Davante Adams

The first trade for Adams is simple. Let's first remember that Adams was dealt from Green Bay to the Raiders for a first and second-round pick during the 2022 offseason. Would his value have gone down a little bit with just another year of age? Maybe.

This is, at the very least, a starting point.

Adams trade 1

Adams' trade value would have to begin with a first rounder. The Bills could also toss in a fifth-round pick, but Las Vegas would likely see better offers than that. So, let's move on to maybe a more enticing package.