Buffalo Bills renegotiate massive pay cut for Von Miller in 2024

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

All I can say is WOW!! It was a crazy day, a whirlwind of breaking news. In a single afternoon, the Buffalo Bills released five players, re-signed two, restructured one, and extended another. He also orchestrated a trade. Oh, then there is the massive, renegotiated deal for Von Miller. Hey, let's just talk about this one for a second, because of all the moves, this one took me by surprise. Yes, even more of a surprise than the Bills signing Matt Haack to a one-year deal.

Von Miller's contract was a sore spot for a lot of people. Some of that is due to his off-the-field issues and also his lack of production on the field. Many wanted him cut, called him a waste of money, a terrible signing, and washed up. Look, the off-the-field stuff aside, when it comes to strictly football, no fan would be saying a thing about his contract had he not got injured in 2022. He was well on his way to double-digit sacks and I believe it would have been more of the same last season. The injury is no one's fault and can't be predicted, the injury is what made the contract a bad one.

For Miller to agree to take nearly a $10 million pay cut says a lot about him as far as being a team player but also that he is confident in himself that he can return and be that guy the Bills expected him to be when they signed him to that huge free agent deal in 2022. The new deal is loaded with incentives that if met, he can earn back what he agreed to cut, and then some. If he meets all incentives, he could make upwards of $20 million.

What does this deal mean for the Buffalo Bills in 2024?

The move completely changes the Bills' outlook on this offseason and what Brandon Beane might be able to do in free agency. That said, I'm not expecting any outrageous signings or big-money free agents. I think Beane keeps it similar to last season, with small one-year deals, to fill a couple of holes on the roster and improve depth. Beane has always said that he prefers to use free agency to address needs, so they can focus on "wants" in the draft. Now they'll have the money to do just that.


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