Top storylines for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2024 offseason

The NFL Combine is in full swing now, as the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason. There are questions to be answered and needs to be addressed this Spring and Summer. But what are the top storylines as the Buffalo Bills head into the NFL offseason?

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The NFL Combine started this past week with several college athletes who will be poked and prodded throughout the weekend. The Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane has been onsite, with several other coaches and staff, as they look for the future of the Bills. Is there a future number one receiver among the group that one day will take the reigns from Stefon Diggs?

Speaking of Diggs, what might the Buffalo Bills be in for this offseason with him? More cryptic tweets all summer? More on that later. The NFL free agency period is just around the corner too. There will be a whole other set of players that the Buffalo Bills will be talking and potentially negotiating with, as they try to convince them that Buffalo is the place to be.

Buffalo has several positional needs but is also up against the salary cap. Luckily, the cap increased more than was initially expected, which will be a huge help but likely means they retain the team's free agents, rather than any big-name signings this year. Not only are there positional needs to address but there are also off-the-field situations and contracts to deal with. It will be an exciting offseason for the Buffalo Bills, but also a very important one that could have lasting effects beyond the 2024 NFL season.