Buffalo Bills: Ranking Brandon Beane's first 5 draft classes

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The NFL Combine is done, and players are tested physically and mentally. At least most of them did. A few opted out of certain drills, which happen every year. Next up in the draft process is the NFL Pro Days where some players who didn't perform well will have a second chance to showcase what they can do. Shortly after that, it'll be time for the NFL Draft of course we'll have free agency in there too but we're not here to discuss free agency, not this time anyway, not yet.

The Buffalo Bills endured a painfully long 17-year playoff drought that saw several busts throughout the drafts but not all. The biggest issue during those times was the quarterbacks that were drafted during those years. With the likes of J.P. Losman and E.J. Manuel among others. Have you ever stopped to look at some of the quarterbacks the Bills could have drafted, but missed out? I did and it just makes you realize how bad those Bills regimes were at drafting.

I could go on forever about the Bills drafting woes in those days but I won't go too far into it other than to say that in 2001, Drew Brees was selected in the second round, 32nd overall pick. The Bills could have taken him with their 21st pick but instead chose corner Nate Clements. I know, hindsight is 20/20 but the issue was the regime's philosophy in those times was obvious. They were looking for a quick fix, rather than taking the approach we see with today's Buffalo Bills and Brandon Beane. They always have an eye on the future and build this roster the right way. They haven't always hit of course but it's the right approach.

Rather than ranking all six of Beane's draft classes, I am going with the first five. Last year's class is still too young to make any final judgments on, even though at first glance, I think we hit a home run with Dalton Kincaid and at least a triple with O'Cyrus Torrence. But the book is still out on Dorian Williams, Justin Shorter, and the other rookies from the 2023 class. So with that, here is how I ranked Brandon Beane's first five drafts for the Buffalo Bills.