Buffalo Bills week 15 win moves them up in the AFC playoff race

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The Baltimore Ravens won again, this time defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 23 - 7, in a game I think many expected to be closer. However, both the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals won again, as they continue to pile up wins with their backup quarterbacks. The Browns are only two games behind the Ravens but with only three games remaining, it seems unlikely any team will unseat the Ravens in the AFC North.

The Jaguars remained atop the AFC South but are now tied with the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts at 8 - 6. It's possible only one of these teams gets into the playoffs and the only way to secure that spot is by winning the division. The Chiefs took care of business against the New England Patriots and have a two-game lead over the Denver Broncos in the AFC West.

The Buffalo Bills had a huge win against the Dallas Cowboys, but the Dolphins also won, so there wasn't any movement within the AFC East. The Bills remain two games behind the Dolphins, but Miami's next two opponents are the Cowboys and Ravens. The AFC East title could come down to the week 18 matchup between the Bills and Dolphins. Let's take a look at the current AFC playoff standings.

AFC playoff picture

1. Baltimore Ravens (11 - 3)

2. Miami Dolphins (10 - 4)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (9 - 5)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (8 - 6)

5. Cleveland Browns (9 - 5)

6. Cincinnati Bengals (8 - 6)

7. Indianapolis Colts (8 - 6)

In The Hunt

8. Houston Texans (8 - 6)

9. Buffalo Bills (8 - 6)

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (7 - 7)

11. Denver Broncos (7 - 7)

There are a handful of games in week 16 that have huge playoff implications, starting with two matchups on Saturday where the Bengals travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers and the Chargers will host the Bills. Buffalo is in a must-win situation going forward, as they cannot afford to lose any more conference games and that is all that remains on their schedule.

On Sunday, there is a huge battle between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans; however, it starting to sound like C.J. Stroud might be out again, but a Houston win would just further jumble the wildcard race. The top two teams currently in the AFC have tough games this weekend, with the Dolphins hosting the Cowboys and the Ravens traveling to San Francisco.

If the Texans defeat the Browns and the other 8 - 6 teams pull out wins this weekend, we could have five teams sitting at 9 - 6, battling for the three wildcard spots. The AFC playoff race is crazy and will come down to the final weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if all three wildcard spots are still undecided heading into the final week of the regular season.

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