Buffalo Bills make jump in latest AFC power rankings after dominating Cowboys

Buffalo Bills
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It's been a wild season in the AFC so far and week 15 was no different. Several teams at the top of last week's AFC power rankings won this week but did they hold their spot or was there any movement? Last week's number one team, the Baltimore Ravens took care of business against the Jacksonville Jaguars, winning 23 - 7. The Jaguars never looked like a competitive team, let alone a playoff team.

The AFC was 3 - 1 against the NFC this week, with the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals all winning their respective games. The lone NFC win was the Detroit Lions defeating the Denver Broncos, 42 - 17. After an impressive five-game winning streak against the likes of the Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos have dropped two of their last three.

Speaking of Kansas City, they kind of rebounded after a tough loss to the Bills and defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 27 - 17; however, Kadarius Toney continues to be a problem for the Chiefs. They might be better off with him on the bench. The Dolphins got back to winning football, as did the Texans. The most impressive AFC win of the week belongs to the Bills, dominating the Cowboys, 31 - 10. Alright, enough chatter, it's time for the rankings, so let's get it.