Buffalo Bills: 5 players shining after first two weeks of 2023 NFL season

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills had a lackluster performance in Week One against the New Jersey Jets; however, if not for a few terrible decisions by Josh Allen, would have dominated that game. They followed that one up with a strong showing against the Las Vegas Raiders.

It's early but the Bills have a handful of players that have stepped up and playing very well. Some names that you might expect to see and some mabye not. Josh Allen didn't make this list because well, he didn't shine in Week One but I won't beat that dead horse any further.

The Bills are currently the only NFL team that is ranked in the top-five in both offense and defense. While it's only a two-game sample, it's something we hope continues. The Bills are also third in the league in yards after catch (YAC) and have only one dropped pass this season. Both these are good to see, given both are areas the Bills have struggled with in the past.

But which players are shining the most so far? Who has helped the Bills achieve these impressive numbers? There are several guys that could make the list here, but I chose these five based partially on stats but also based on expectations, or lack of, yet have stepped up and solidified their position on the starting roster.