Buffalo Bills rebound in Week 3 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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After two weeks of the NFL season, we have a few surprises so far and some that may not be so surprising. Starting with the Cincinnati Bengals. Who would have believed they would be winless? The Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots have not won a game in 2023 yet either.

I can't say that I'm heartbroken to see the Patriots or Bengals winless on the season. Interestingly, only two teams in the AFC remain undefeated, the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens. Should these two teams be ranked as the top two in our poll?

The Buffalo Bills rebounded in a big way, dominating the Las Vegas Raiders 38 - 10, which moves them back into the top five but how high up did they climb? No other team in the AFC was as dominant in their Week Two matchup.

The New Jersey Jets were dominated by the Dallas Cowboys in Week Two. I ranked the Jets number one last week based on their win over the Buffalo Bills, but with Zach Wilson under center, I don't see the Jets sticking around for long. I know people say they have a great defense but if not for four turnovers by Josh Allen last week, the Bills would have lit up that defense and the Cowboys did just that this week. From a statistical perspective, the Jets defense is currently ranked 21.

With just two weeks into the season, these rankings are difficult. I have who I believe are the best teams in the league but the win/loss records or performances haven't separated teams just yet. With a few more games, I believe the best of the best will begin to create separation but until then, let's get into our AFC rankings.